appbackr’s mission is to index the world’s apps, making them accessible to everyone through the App Anatomy™ Project. We are building the science of understanding apps into the world’s most comprehensive app catalog: the App Index™. Our openly available API provides insight into the ever-evolving world of apps. Learn More

App Users

appbackr indexes the world’s apps so that app users can make informed and inspired decisions. Our App Index page gives users access to our data and technology. Users can enter keywords and adjust filters including appscore, price, and category to find the right app. See the Top Apps



Our App Index aggregates publicly available data from app stores that developers can use. We have built the technology that evaluates an app based on three core components: behaviors, technical performance, and user sentiment. Developers can verify their apps, contribute to our index, and unlock their appcard - data available only to the app’s developer.
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Our App Index has the data and technology to filter apps based on appscore, category, and keywords to identify the right apps for a brand’s target audience. appscore Xchange enables brands to place ads on available apps that serve their consumers. Learn more


Ad Networks

appscore Xchange displays our ad network partners’ inventory to brands, carriers, OEMs, and operating systems. Our appscore shows which apps are best suited to each company’s demographic. The appbackr API allows networks to merge our data with their proprietary data to better serve their customers.
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