We are the scoring standard for apps enabling discovery of the very best apps across oems, carriers and through apps

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What is Xchange? Xchange is a performance based way to showcase the very best apps.



Quality standard

appscore is a ranking system for apps and the backbone of Xchange



Effortless Distribution

A distribution platform that matches developers with stores

appscore Xchange serves ad network campaigns to consumers as featured apps by carriers, OEMs, and operating systems, not as ads.


What is appscore? appscore is a predictive analytical ranking system for apps, scoring on intrinsic quality, user traction and sentiment

Scoring is analytically driven based on millions of snapshots.

We employ advanced machine-learning techniques and statistical analysis to measure our algorithm’s success in the form of app snapshots. These snapshots are comprised of the app’s Sa, Sm, and other criteria

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