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Surf Developers [+] Expand all

How can I claim my app if I don't have a Twitter account?
Does the App Index list iOS apps?
What information is displayed on an App Index app card?
Some of the information about my app is missing or incorrect, what can I do?
Is this information available via an API or RSS feed?
I have a blog or publication that reviews Android apps and would like those articles indexed. How can I do that?
I would like my app card removed from the Index.

App Index API [+] Expand all

How can I cancel my account?
How can I upgrade my subscription?
How can I downgrade my subscription?
What can I do with the data?

App Index Social Connect [+] Expand all

I'm a developer and I want to add or confirm my account, link a different account, or don't want my Twitter name shown.

App Index China [+] Expand all

How current is this data?
How is the data delivered?
Are other China stores' data available?

appbackr appscore [+] Expand all

What is the appbackr appscore?
I’ve just uploaded a new version, when will I see those changes reflected in my appbackr appscore?
I disagree with my score, who can I talk to?
Who uses the appbackr appscore?

Xchange [+] Expand all

What is appbackr Xchange?
What are the economics for developers?
What are the economics for stores?
What are the economics for Xchange?
What is the smartApps algorithm?

Partner Store Agreements

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