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Appbackr in detail [+] Expand all

Who is appbackr?
What is appbackr?
What are the economics for developers and backrs?
How are developers screened?
What is a concept app?
What is a pre-release app?
Why were concept app campaigns discontinued and pre-release app campaigns introduced?
Why were reserve goals discontinued?
How is the wholesale price calculated for an application?
How is the wholesale price for in-app purchases calculated?
How does appbackr count app sales?
What are some testimonials from people who have used appbackr
Where can I find additional support?

Backrs in detail [+] Expand all

What are the economics for backrs?
Is this equity?
How do I get paid?
When do backrs get paid?
How do backrs know about performance of their purchased apps?
What happens if only some of my purchased copies sell in the retail app store?

Developers in detail [+] Expand all

What are the economics for a developer?
What is the developer giving up and receiving in return?
Are there any additional fees?
When will my app be approved?
How do I get featured?
When do developers get paid from backrs?
What is a reserve goal?
Can developers post an iOS version and Android version of the same app on appbackr?
How are different versions of an iOS app backed on appbackr?
Can developers change the app retail price after it's been backed on appbackr?
Can developers update their app after it's posted on appbackr?

Xchange At A Glance [+] Expand all

What is appbackr Xchange?
What are the economics for developers?
What are the economics for stores?
What are the economics for Xchange?
What is the smartApps algorithm?

appbackr appscore [+] Expand all

What is the appbackr appscore?
I’ve just uploaded a new version, when will I see those changes reflected in my appbackr appscore?
Who uses the appbackr appscore?

Xchange for Developers [+] Expand all

Why is it required to install a SDK?
Which SDKs work with Xchange?
Is there an alternate to using an installed SDK?
How do I know that my installs are from Xchange?
How do stores give offers to developers?
What happens after an offer is accepted?
Why must developers maintain a balance?