Gadzookery™ Twitter Contest

Create a one-of-a-kind sentence with the word ‘GAMES’, tweet it and be entered to win $100

Use the target word ‘GAMES’.  Create a five-word sentence that makes an acronym of ‘GAMES’ and is related to the target word.  Tweet out the sentence “GAMES – sentence @appbackr #gadzookery ”

@Gadzookery will pick a winning sentence each day, August 4 through August 9.  Enter as many times as you like.  Winners receive $10 of the Gadzookery™ app on appbackr.  Winners will be announced here – Every day at 9 am PST.

Enter to win a grand prize of $100 of Gadzookery™ app copies by creating a ‘GAMES’ sentence in a tweet then backing the app on appbackr for as little as $10.  The winner will be picked at random on August 10.

For Example: GAMES – Giant Athletic Muscleman Earns Silver

8/4    GAMES – Gorgonzola Ape Makes Earnest Sandwich @appbackr #gadzookery by @happyspur
8/5    GAMES – Gadzookery App Makes Exciting Sentences @appbackr #gadzookery  by @schussler
8/6    GAMES – Getting Awards Makes Everyone Smile @appbackr #gadzookery by @TheNerdyNurse
8/7    GAMES – Great And Massive Entertainment Source @appbackr #gadzookery by @binyousifbaloch
8/8   GAMES – #TenWorstFeelings Growing Abstract Monster Ears Spontaneously @appbackr @Gadzookery by @Smokiefawn
8/9  Could be YOU!  Tweet now!

Check out Gadzookery™’s app page  to learn more about the rules and the Gadzookery™’s app.

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What is Gadzookery™?

Gadzookery™ is a fun new app coming to iTunes this fall.  Gadzookery™ is a new game where players create a sentence based off of a target word.  The target word should also be an acronym of the sentence.
Stuck for words? Click the button and your browser will open with the target word already searched.

Players have three minutes to create a sentence. Score one point for every letter used.  Incomplete sentences lose 50% of their points.

At the end of each round, players critique each others’ sentences.  If they spot a spelling mistake, or a fake word in any of them they can call a challenge.
The app is Game Center enabled –  Apple’s social gaming network.  There’s also single-player mode.

The game is powered by using their over 1.25 million word list. We have included a filter on both these words lists blocking offensive words to protect our brand, and perhaps the blushes of some of our players friends.

Sounds like a great app, right? Back it on appbackr to fund it!  Click here to view the Gadzookery™ campaign and learn how appbackr works.  You’ll profit 54% with your backing.

What is appbackr?

appbackr is a wholesale marketplace for developers to raise funds without giving up equity in their apps.  Developers get backrs to help fund the app’s development and. In exchange, the backrs make a profit with their funding on app store sales.  For the developer, it helps get needed resources when they need it most – before and at app launch.  For backrs, it gives them a way to profit from their social networks, blogs, and clout.  The more backrs help generate store sales, the faster they profit.

Fine Print

  • The contest runs from Saturday, August 4 to Thursday, August 9, 2012.
  • Make sure to include @appbackr and #Gadzookery in your tweet so we can track your entries
  • This contest follows all the Twitter Contest guidelines.

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