Introducing SmartApps and the Smart10™, revealing the best new apps

In the appbackr marketplace, we have a wealth of data about our apps that we’re going to start sharing with the community. This is the first of a series of posts about the best new apps we are able to surface using our own SmartApps algorithm. Read on to hear more, and stay tuned for other posts to come!

When it comes to apps, it’s all about the Top 10, Top 25 or at least Top 100 – everyone wants to rank there since it says that you’ve had a lot of sales (and will have quite a few in the near future just by showing up there). But aside from the ‘official’ Top 10, maybe there’s also a list of new apps very likely to be in the Top 10 soon? “Sleeping” apps, with an afterburner just waiting for ignition? appbackr has been thinking about this idea, and we believe that there are criteria to identify those kind of apps. Our SmartApps algorithm is based on those criteria.

As an example, let’s look at the reviews of an app. Their trajectory, including textual as well as metric ratings, is very likely to be connected to the app’s success in any way. But in which way? A bestseller app will not necessarily have high ratings since its good or bad quality may not be the reason for the success (instead it could have been caused by an excessive marketing campaign). But the other way round a certain number of excellent ratings on a “sleeping” app is quite likely to indicate that it’s an upcoming one. As soon as the number of good reviews exceeds a critical amount (while taking in account in which timeframe these reviews have been published), it’s only a matter of time until the app’s buzz will start to grow disproportionately.

There’s so much information you can consult (e.g. data gleaned from the Android Market:, but we shouldn’t reveal everything at this point. Instead we will regularly publish our Smart10™ list of the best new apps here – see this week’s list below.

App Category Price
Chordbot Pro Music & Audio $4.92
GTalkSMS Donate Communication $2.13
Italian Verbs Pro Education $2.99
NewsRob Pro News & Magazines $5.68
Email SMS Scheduler Communication $1.99
GeoStar Brain & Puzzle $1.07
Painting Findings Singapore HD Education $1.83
Moon+ Reader Pro Books & Reference $4.86
Shrimpocalypse Arcade & Action $0.99
Miss Droid – 10 FP Arcade & Action $0.99

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