Crowdfunding your app development and marketing

We provide a lot of information to our developers before they post on our site.  We’re going to break that information down in a few blogs posts so developers can read them before they post their app.  Also, to give developers and others a chance to comment. This is the 1 of 4 posts.

Why run a campaign on appbackr?

A developer can post an app that is still in development or already launched. In the development stage, the developer makes $.35 for each $0.99 copy ($0.25 when backed on appbackr + $0.10 when it sells  in the mobile app store). The backrs make a 54% profit when the apps sell.

For an app that’s launched, the developer makes $0.45 for each $0.99 copy ($0.35 when backed on appbackr + $0.10 when sold in the mobile app store).  Backrs make a 27% profit when the app sells.

The developer is not selling permanent rights to the sale of an app or the intellectual property.  Once the backrs have been paid, the developer reverts to the normal distribution.

Appbackr campaign provides for the developer:

  • Immediate funding for app development and funding
  • A community around the app, vested in its success
  • Access to appbackr’s ever-growing resources of tools


What backrs can do:

  • During the campaign, backrs encourage other backrs to participate so you can reach your goal.  They will be more inclined to do this if they know why you are raising the money and feel that it will help sales.  Meaning they get paid back faster.
  • Pre-launch, backrs are great beta testers.  They provide honest, quick feedback because they want the app to succeed as much as you do.
  • At launch, an organized backr strategy can help bring the app a burst on launch day.  That burst can bring higher rankings and higher rankings.


Get Access to Xchange

In December 2011, appbackr will launch Xchange, a new product providing effortless additional distribution for apps. Developers can sign-up here to get an early-invite – and you can follow @xchange on Twitter to get all the latest news about the upcoming product.

Articles about Developers Using appbackr:

These are recent and in-depth articles about successful developer campaigns on appbackr.  Use these as tools to learn and teach others about appbackr.