Backing Valuation App to Buildout Your LinkedIn Profile

Valuation App is a tool for investment bankers, entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists to perform complex calculations and valuation techniques, from their Android devices. There is no app in the Android marketplace that does what this app will do.

The developers are raising money on appbackr for development and marketing costs. Backrs can purchase wholesale copies of the app now and make a firm 54% return on those copies’ retail sales.

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The app enables analysis, forecasting and projections of businesses and startups. Valuation techniques include Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Comparable Analysis or Relative Valuation, and Precedent Transactions.

Market Entry Strategy

The app will launch on Android stores in July. It will be free with an in-app upgrade. The free version will perform simple calculations, such as Beta, Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Weighted Average Cost of Capital, (WACC), Time Value of Money (TVM) and others.

The full version will perform complex calculations and techniques. It’ll be available as an in-app upgrade for $0.99.

Adding “Valuation App Backr” to Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re in finance, or want to be, you should use your Valuation App backing to buildout your LinkedIn profile and branding as a finance professional.

After you’ve back, add your role as a backr to several key sections of your LinkedIn profile.

· LinkedIn Status Update – The general advice for your LinkedIn status is to post updates that contribute to your reputation and displays your expertise. Posting an update that you have backed an app sets you apart from a status update timeline filled with retweets, new connections, and self-promotion. Share this post on your LinkedIn Updates

· LinkedIn Summary – This is an opportunity to pull in keywords into your profile. “Backer of Valuation App, the soon-to-be-launched tool that enables financial professionals to evaluate businesses and startups from their Android apps. “ This keyword-rich sentence brings in several new terms that people on LinkedIn can use to find you.

· LinkedIn Projects – Click the “Add Sections” above the summary on your “Edit Profile ” page.  Click “Projects” in the right column and click “Add to Profile”.  Fill in the details and use as the Project URL.

Expand your LinkedIn network by connecting with other backrs of Valuation App by adding connections.  Continue to expand  your reach by discussing the app in LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers.

How to Back Valuation App

Here are the steps to back the app.  Make a 54% return on your backing, and use that backing to increase your reputation in finance, with your LinkedIn profile.

  • Go to Valuation App’s page on appbackr
  • Click Back this App
  • Enter the amount you want to back (as little as $10, as much as $10,000)
  • Click Proceed to PayPal
  • Back the app on PayPal’s site with your PayPal account or a credit card

Your backing helps build the code, improve the UI, and expand the marketing efforts.

You’ll make a fixed 54% return on the money you back.  As the app is downloaded in Android stores, backrs profit, in the order they backed.

Connect with the developers after you back.  Tweet them at @valuationapp.

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