App Retreat 2011: Distribution and Financing Retreat Video Review

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The future of the app economy involves app distribution and financing. It’s an important topic because with almost 500,000 Android apps and hundreds of stores, getting the right app to the right market is no small task.appbackr had panels and speakers on how new Android stores are offering opportunities to developers targeting specific demographics or regions.  We discussed where investment is taking place in mobile for iOS and Android apps.  And we looked at the challenges that developers face when they launch an app.  It was a stimulating discussion among VCs, bankers, handset manufacturers, movie studios and developers and great companies like Google, Motorola, Barnes & Noble, and Paramount to name a few.

At the end of summer, on a beautiful day in Napa, appbackr gathered together a group of leaders from the app economy to talk about financing and distribution of apps. appbackr wanted to share some of the video from the conference with you here.  In addition to these panel discussions, we had a chance to interview many of the attendees on a range of topics.  Over the next few weeks we will share those short takes with you that cover things like tips for distributing apps which we hope you find useful.

The Numbers: Analytics Driving the App Economy

The analytics of big data is driving new ways of doing business, pinpointing marketing and advertisement focus that helps generate customer retention and grow businesses. The presentation and slides discuss app trends, analytics, and advertising by Vishal Gurbuxani, Co-founder of Mobclix. Mobclix is the largest mobile ad exchange for iOS apps with an open marketplace platform. Mobclix also provides real-time Apple iPhone analytics for developers.appbackr wrote a detailed review of this app analytics and advertising session in a previous blog post, Numbers Driving the App Economy.

The Distribution and Marketing of Android Apps

What is the future of how apps will be marketed and distributed? There are 1200 carriers, 160 Android stores, the Android Bookshelf. How does it all come together? What new strategies exist in retailing apps? Can social as a channel work? Is search effective? The core question is: what is the future of distribution? How do you discover targeted opportunities like Barnes & Noble’s Nook?Panel Discussion
Moderator: Caroline Lewko – CEO & Founder, Wireless Industry Partnership Connector Inc.
Charles Yim – America Mobile Application Partnerships, Google
Claudia Romanini Backus – Director, Developer Relations, Barnes & Noble
Sheffield Nolan – CEO & Co-founder, AppRedeem
Steve Manning – VP Consumer Monetization Services, Opera

The Money: Where is App Investment Headed?

What are the trends in mobile funding? What companies are getting funded? Are there any successes to date? What is the profile of a company getting funded today? What is the scale of a problem in a multi-billion dollar industry that has not yet been addressed? The core question is: what does the future look like for companies getting funded in mobile?Panel Discussion
Moderator: Alastair Goldfisher, Thomson Reuters, editor of Venture Capital Journal and blogger of
Jay Jamison – BlueRun Ventures
Frank Pisciuneri – Silicon Valley Bank

The Creative Development

What challenges do developers face?  How do apps get to market effectively?  How does a developer get noticed and build sales?  What strategies work?  What do developers really need?  The core question is:  What is the future of funding and distribution for developers?Panel Discussion
Moderator: Jolie O’ Dell – Writer, VentureBeat
Daniel Odio – CEO, Socialize
Jeffrey Dickson – Producer, Paramount
Tim Burks – Radtastical, Inc.

The Way Forward

Wrap-up and The Way Forward
Speaker Trevor Cornwell – CEO & Founder, appbackr. The final presentation of the day, appbackr CEO Trevor Cornwell spoke about the way forward for distribution and funding for apps. appbackr is going to introduce a new concept – appbackr Xchange – next week on its site. Xchange will tackle the funding and distribution issues that developers, especially Android developers face. Follow our new Twitter handle @xchange for the latest.