appbackr at Intel Capital Global Summit #IcapSummit

Our Founder and CEO Trevor Cornwell is in Huntington Beach November 3-5 for Intel Capital’s Global Summit, and delivered an elevator pitch this morning to attendees in the Consumer Internet and Digital Media sector. The program coached companies on each of their one-slide, 2:45 max pitches, a great opportunity for feedback from some of the community’s brightest leaders. appbackrpitch Included is the transcript and slide from his presentation.

In 1998, there were less than 10 million web pages, and you could find them by going to Yahoo!’s online directory. [You were able to find] new pages marked with a “New” label.

We knew that wasn’t scalable but it wasn’t that bad–if a web site wasn’t good, you hit the back button.

For mobile, you are downloading software.  That may cost money, but it definitely uses time -and it may put your data at risk.

appbackr is creating the most comprehensive index of apps, having already indexed 1.8 million apps [from Google Play].  We are looking at behaviors (what an app does), its technical performance (battery, memory and where your data is going), and user sentiment.


We currently license to Amazon and Samsung. We will be rolling out an API so brands can find the best apps to share their brand to the right people. Later this year, we will roll out [the App Index], a comprehensive [catalog] of the world’s apps.

So if you want to find an app that speaks Mandarin, works with evernote, and treats your data safely, you’ll be able to come to appbackr to find it.
The summit will close tomorrow afternoon, and still has tons of phenomenal space for networking and enjoying the beautiful area surrounding the Huntington Beach Hyatt Regency Conference Center.
Look out for appbackr at Booth 309 at Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco’s Moscone Center next week, November 11-13! We’ll see you there.
To contact Trevor, you can send him a tweet @trevorcornwell.
Or, you can reach appbackr at

Moving Day!

2251 Yale Street Palo Alto

2251 Yale Street Palo Alto

appbackr is moving to 2251 Yale Street in Palo Alto.  Our current building is right across from City Hall in downtown Palo Alto.  We will be moving right next to Stanford and across from California Avenue.  Moving any time is a chance to refresh and reset–after grappling first with a lot of moving parts like painters and Comcast.

Even that is fun in a startup because all of those things go to supporting new ideas that you are trying to bring to life.  The timing for us is wonderful because we are just moving to building the appscore we developed two years ago into something that we think can have a major impact on discovery.  We are adding to the team and have been working to make the appscore the central part of our partnership with Samsung and most recently Amazon. We will be beginning a pilot with Firefox in mid-July.  We’ll share more as we go along but we are basing the appscore on three core pillars and there will be a lot of interesting and no doubt challenging engineering and data issues to address. We first built the appscore from the outside in–looking at reviews and publicly available data.  2014 will be a lot of going from the inside out so that we can make the score even more compelling for partners and consumers.

Our new office is where much of it will happen–along with our new office in Singapore.  We look forward to welcoming our friends and partners to our new space.  Looking forward to sharing the next part of the ride together from Yale Street.

Tizen Developer Conference Launches with Unprecedented Support from Indie Developers (Press Release)

June 2, 2014


Over 10 cross platform tools bring quality apps using appbackr appscore™.
GameSalad delivers 1,000 Tizen, top-appscoring, Tizen validated apps.


San Francisco, CA, June 2 2014 – On the eve of third Tizen Developer Conference, over 2,000 developers have submitted apps to Tizen through appbackr appscore API integration across 10 cross platform tools.  The appbackr appscore integration allows developers of quality apps to receive devices, financial incentives and opportunities to have their apps featured across OEMs, carriers and operating systems.

“appbackr has worked to build a powerful analytical appscore™ that identifies the best apps. We are pleased to work with Tizen and the leading cross platform tools to bring the best apps to Tizen easily and efficiently,” Cornwell continued.

As developers build their apps on many of the top cross platform tools including GameSalad, developers received monetary and non-monetary incentives based on the score of their app.

Developers and partners received over $1 million in financial incentives for successfully validated apps to the Tizen Store and resources to support appscore integration across cross platform partners.  “The appscore api enables OEMs, Operating Systems and other partners to effectively reach developers across the landscape where developers create apps,” said Trevor Cornwell, Founder & CEO, appbackr inc.

linux_foundation“Having a strong portfolio of apps will be a major factor in ensuring Tizen is successful in the mobile phone market.  Attracting the best apps on Tizen through multiple channels is key, and this process is aided by cross platform partners who can predict which apps will do well in advance,” said Brian Warner, Manager of the Tizen Project.

bowlboy_HiRES-no-shadow“The partnership between GameSalad, Tizen and appbackr has been a great way to identify great apps and incentivize them to bring their apps to a new operating system with the power to reshape the market.  appscore allowed us to create a meaningful meritocracy for developers,” said Steve Felter, Founder & CEO, GameSalad.

About appbackr
appbackr scores apps for quality based on reviews, functions and technical performance. Promising apps are featured on operating systems, carriers and OEMs. appbackr is based in Palo Alto, California.

About GameSalad
GameSalad is a leading provider of mobile game development tools. GameSalad’s Creator platform allows game developers to rapidly design, publish and distribute sophisticated games for iOS, Android, HTML5, Kindle®, Windows® and Tizen® while eliminating the need to code.  Since 2009, GameSalad has powered more than 200,000 original titles created by its community of more than 700,000 developers worldwide. GameSalad is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Austin, TX.

About Tizen
The Tizen Project is an open source Collaborative Project at the Linux Foundation. Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects are independently funded software projects that harness the power of collaborative development to fuel innovation across industries and ecosystems. The Tizen project is governed by a Technical Steering Group that focuses on platform development and delivery along with the formation of working groups to support device verticals. For more information about the Tizen and to get involved, please visit:

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We’re Hiring! Senior Engineer for Data and Product

Senior Engineer for Data and Product

We are looking for a talented engineer with a strong product sensibility who has a passion for data analytics.  You will be responsible for working with a tight engineering team that is building world class tools for our partners which include OEMs, carriers and the leading digital marketplaces.  We are building the depth of our appscore to power app selection for our partners and to build exciting products that help consumers find the best apps.


  • Server-side programming but also able to tackle the full-stack
  • Develop and deploy web applications
  • Design and implement functionality and features for Xchange, our tool for OEMs and carriers—and help design next generation consumer products
  • Build applications and tools to help business owners and partners gain business insights
  • Participate in design discussions, technology selection, and code reviews
  • Thrive in a fast-paced, team environment with tight deadlines
  • Work closely with engineers and analysts to plan new features
  • Pride in writing clean code

Job Requirements

  • An undergraduate degree in computer science
  • 2+ years of experience as a Software Engineer
  • Ability to code in at least one object-oriented language
  • Understanding object oriented Programming, functional programming, design patterns and how to apply them
  • Enthusiastic about working in a startup environment
  • Enjoys experimenting with new technologies.
  • Experience with machine learning and statistical analysis
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills

About appbackr

appbackr is building the standard for sourcing and discovering the best apps.  Utilizing its proprietary, machine learning based appscore, appbackr is establishing the standard for quality in apps used by OEMs, carriers and consumers. appbackr is based in Palo Alto, CA, near San Francisco with engineering offices in Singapore.

We want to help you succeed

  • Competitive salary
  • Stock options
  • Reimbursement for medical insurance
  • Travel
  • Collaborative environment

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

If interested, send your resume to