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Instantly see the appscore of an app from 0-10.
The higher the score, the better the app.

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What is the appscore?

appbackr built a data-driven ranking system that analyzes an app’s behaviors, technical performance, and user sentiment – including user reviews, user ratings, and downloads – to measure how well an app does what it’s supposed to do.

That information, based on publicly available data from Google Play, is compiled into an app's 0-10 value: the appscore, saving you time by giving you access to the data and insight to find the apps you want.

appbackr is systematically tagging and compiling the world’s app information through the App Anatomy® Project. This effort uses our technology to build the App Index™, the most comprehensive analysis of the app ecosystem.

Install the appscore for Chrome Extension

On the Google Chrome browser, install the appscore for Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. The extension overlays the appscore for each Android app when you’re browsing the Google Play App Store.

The appscore for Chrome extension makes finding the apps you want simple.