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*** Featured Top 5 Smart Apps for Currency Conversion by Mashable ***
*** Featured What's Hot in the Finance Category by Apple in the US ***
*** Featured New and Note Worthy in 4 countries ***

Highest Ranks Reached:

-- Rank 9 Top Paid Finance Catogory in the US

-- Top 1 Highest Grossing Finance Category in 2 countries
-- Top 10 Highest Grossing Finance Category in 12 countries
-- Top 25 Finance Category in 15 countries
-- Top 100 Finance Category in 28 Countries

What's New in Version 2.0
- iOS 5 compatibility update
- Faster load time for the Top Currencies tab
- Changed flag for Hong Kong
- Updated several currency images

- Search feature – Allows users to quickly access currencies by typing the name of countries/currencies.
- Favorites Tab – You can now add 10 currencies of your choice that you can easily access and convert all at the same time.
- New numeric keypad to improve user interface.

Currency Banknotes is the godfather of all currency converters, as it is the ONLY app that offers a practical and VISUAL experience when it comes to converting currencies. This app lets you:

+ View banknote or currency images
+ See colored images of paper bills from numerous countries worldwide
+ Convert 150+ currencies in real time from all over the world
+ Zoom in and out of banknote images with ease
+ Instantly calculate the conversion rates of the top 10 currencies of the world
+ See pictures of RARE and HARD-TO-FIND banknotes or currency images

This app not only lets you convert currencies, it allows you to actually SEE what banknotes from different countries look like. Perfect for travelers and for people who are just curious to see what paper bills look like all over the world. Witness the cultures of different countries. Get a glimpse of their art, architecture, and people through their paper bills.

Currency Banknotes is a very simple currency converter, with a user-friendly interface. It also allows you to convert currencies across 150+ countries. In a rush? You can choose to instantly calculate conversion rates from the top 10 currencies, all in one page, saving you time and effort.

Banknote Images:
This app contains a banknote gallery from over 150 countries all over the world, including rare and very hard to find paper bills. It lets you zoom in and out of images, to let you see what the banknotes look like in full detail. With Currency Banknotes, you can access the banknote viewer through the exchange rate calculator so that you can quickly see what the paper bills look like for the currencies that you're converting. If you only want to view the banknote images alone, you can easily access the gallery through the app's Images tab.

Sources: and Yahoo! Finance

Why back this app?
Aside from what was mentioned above, Currency Banknotes truly is a first of its kind. There is no other currency converter app that lets users view images of what they're converting. In addition, while the app is officially filed under the Finance category of the App Store, we believe that it will fit in well under Travel, Utilities, or even Entertainment. We have a lot of feedback regarding the usefulness and convenience of Currency Banknotes, but at the same time, we've been told the image gallery of the app is also very entertaining. Turns out, people are really fond of viewing different currency images because they provide a glimpse of foreign cultures through their paper bills.

What's the Funding For: Funds generated from the app will be used to update and add more features to Currency Banknotes. Due to its current success, we're also planning to include some in-app purchases that enable users to download additional currency images. For instance, in the future, if users wish to download an image of the very first banknote of the United States, they can do so through the in-app purchases of Currency Banknotes. In-app prices will vary depending on the rarity of the banknote or currency image.

Praises and reviews for Currency Banknotes:

"Knowing what money is supposed to look like can help you from getting ripped off. It's also a nice feature..." --Mashable

"The convenience of a dollar app with this much functionality is hard to argue with.“ --The iPhone App Review

"Useful and productive apps are always something to keep permanently on your device. Currency Banknotes is exactly this with its many functions that suit everyone whether traveling or not." --Cool iPhone Apps

"Currency Banknotes takes all your money conversion worries away" --AppVader

"A flawlessly functional and stylish currency converter app." --What's On iPhone

"An easy and clever way to converting your currency. This app has features more than its value." --iPhone App Reviews Online

"Currency Banknotes is a fantastic app for anyone who deals with multiple currencies everyday and wants a real time currency conversion from over 150 currencies across the globe. There can be a lot of currencies users can learn about everyday by browsing within the app." --iPhone Footprint

"Clever thinking.“

"This app is too cool for school because besides handling the currency conversions for more than 150 of the world's major currencies, it also offers photos of said currency.This app has replaced my old Oanda Currency Converter in my iPhone Travel folder." --Aviation Queen

"Your best friend while traveling." --Mountain Weekly News

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