RealTime Live Wallpaper PRO

RealTime Live Wallpaper PRO



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Google Play Description

*** RealTime Live Wallpaper ***

This is a beautiful, highly dynamic Live Wallpaper with a fantasy - like scenery.

- Ever changing background according to daytime
- Day / Night cycles
- Moon phases in respect to the current real time moon phase.
- Lots of animations like meteors, clouds, flares, twinkling stars ...
- Maximum Performance while maintaining maximum battery efficiency with OpenGL

This Live Wallpaper transforms your phone from a dead, technical device into a beautiful, living thing ! Everytime you look at it, the Wallpaper looks slightly different. From a warm, reddish sunrise, over a sunny blue sky up to a pitch black night with an awesome milky way in the background - everything within this Wallpaper.

You might want to check the free trial version of this app first, to ensure device compatibility.