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Google Play Description

Bookmark App is bookmark management application characterized by the folders which it is easy to use.

You can quickly display the desired bookmark that can be withdrawn folder screen.

* The folder hierarchy is unlimited as long as it can be displayed . You can efficiently organize bookmarks lot .

Not only that , a useful feature of the original is packed with Bookmark App .

Bookmarks can be arranged to the notification area.
* You can view Web pages quickly , even application while using the other .

Open by a favorite browser for every bookmark.
* Ex.) "A" site by a standard browser, and Firefox opens "B" site etc.

Registration of a bookmark is easy.
* Bookmarks of a standard browser and history to shelf registration is possible.

The shortcut of each folder can be created in a home screen.

Flexible sorting in each folder each.

Search for bookmarks and history .

In tablet mode, divide a screen and also it becomes easy-to-use.