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The Chimera Vector

by Nathan Farrugia

Application Details

04/02/12 - 05/02/12


  • Apple $2.99
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All backers will receive the app + 2 promo copies. And you can take part in the early beta development. We're going to need beta testers!

Want to make some money from our app?

We are making an app for The Chimera Vector novel, a techno-thriller by Nathan Farrugia. The Chimera Vector novel will be published globally on 1 April 2012 by Pan Macmillan's new digital imprint, Momentum, for ebook and print-on-demand in all major e-retailers.

We want to make The Chimera Vector app to launch on the same day as the ebook and print book.

Photo gallery on Flickr:

A case study on this project has been published on Futurebook:

The app is already designed and ready for coding. As soon as we pass our reserve, we can begin development!

The app will include the full ebook and full audiobook.

We want to create an experience within the app that rewards you for your participation. Story Progress achievements; Covert Ops achievements for discovering characters, weapons, gadgets and intelligence layered in the fabric of the plot or for participating in discussions threaded across the story timeline. And even a few elusive Black Ops achievements that unlock parallel chapters, secret research and other undisclosed content.

Imagine having real-time stats of your character's health and biology at your fingertips through every stage of the story. Or real-time countdowns that tick down with every page you turn. Or character profiles that dynamically update as you learn more about them.

We're also very focused on accessibility features such as adjustable text size and sub-titles. We plan to integrate the Dyslexia font into the app, which is designed especially for dyslexic readers.

What are the funds being used for?

App coding - $10,500
3D inventory items (x30) - $1,000
Portraits (x12) - $1,200
Achievement icons (x42) - $1,050
Additional graphic design - $1,000
+30% for appbackr

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