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12/15/11 - 01/14/12


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Glass Ceiling is the ultimate female revenge fantasy. In Glass Ceiling, our hero Moxie fights her way up the corporate ladder literally. By battling fresh men, backstabbing co-workers, asinine accountants, crazy clients, bad bosses and other office stereotypes.

Glass Ceiling is an action adventure side scrolling platform kick 'em up game with increasing levels of difficulty. Each level represents a floor in a corporate skyscraper. Our hero starts out in the lobby and works her way up the corporate ladder. Each floor of the building is filled with power-ups, secret treasures, and tough boss battles. The player encounters multiple foes on their way to the top. Once the final level is reached the player will have the ultimate encounter and discover what lies on the other side of the Glass Ceiling. Glass Ceiling will release in November 2011 on Apple iOS, Android and the Web.

Why Does Our Game Rise Above The Noise?
Our game has a unique storyline. We offer a compelling alternative to the casual game market with our strong female hero. The dominant demographic for PC casual games is women 35-50. We intend to market our games to our peers, the 35-50 year old casual female game player, but also anticipate capturing younger woman through the mobile market.

In addition, we have two other games in development using the same character and game engine and anticipate building a franchise around our characters to expand the brand beyond games.

Why Should You Back This App?
With a team of proven game developers, great game ideas and the ability to execute quickly, we are poised for success. Our team is comprised of veteran multimedia and game developers excited about creating mobile apps.

What Will the Money Be Used For?
Our overhead is very low, so all money will be used for development, marketing and equipment needs.

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