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Google Play Description

Photo & Video Locker will help you to lock(protect) your precious videos & photos from other users, using with numeric password.
It can also manage your videos & photos more easily. You can lock videos and photos securely and conveniently.

Please Note:
Unlock all locked files, before uninstall. once you uninstall without unlock your files, we will never recover them.

* Photo & Video Locker locks videos & photos in a secret gallery without any limits
* Fastest lock process - multi-select features with import hundreds of videos & photos quickly
* Disappears from 'recent apps' list
* Sleep - If you forgot to exit the Gallery Locker, the app will automatically go to sleep
* Beautiful designs - followed by latest style of designs
* Optimised for HD tablets
* very new style gallery view
* Easy-to-use password access
* Very good video locker
* Very good image locker
* This will manage your locked videos & photos as you already maintainig the same folder names from your SD card
* Unlock videos & photos from the app with only 3 clicks
* Photo & Video Locker is a secret box, you can put your important and precious videos & photos with safe.

In case if you forget your passwords we will send you to your registered e-mail id.

GET_ACCOUNTS permission is get user e-mail id for sending password.

Great! How do you Keep Secret?
1. Select videos & photos from your SD card (you can select multiple videos & photos also)
2. press lock icon in top bar
3. Done!! videos & photos will be lock and secretly stored in your app... :)

Q: How does Photo & Video Locker work?
A: Photo & Video Locker provides you with a locked gallery that lives on your phone.

Q: Where my videos & photos are after I unlock them?
A: Your videos & photos will be in the same location as before they were hidden.

Q: How can I change my password?
A: press settings icon then you will get option for change password

Q: Are my hidden videos & photos stored online?
A: No! its only stores videos & photos in the secret box on your Android phone.

Q: which format videos & photos i can lock?
A: .mp4 .wmv .avi .mkv .mpeg .3gp .VOB .MOV .MPEG4 .DivX

Q: How many videos & photos can I lock?
A: As many as you want. this secret box without limits.

Its Best Photo & Video locker..
Download and Enjoy....:)

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