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Lotto Alert | Lottery Ticket Scanner & Alert system

by Go Go Games

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09/16/11 - 10/16/11


  • Apple $9.99
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This App scans your lottery ticket using the camera. It is digitally stored and compared to our live lottery databases. The system alerts the user based on the user personal settings. (e.g. daily alerts, or alerts of drawings over a $ amount)
We have combined several different proprietary systems to form a unique (patent pending) app.
Cost to the user is less than $2 per month in the first year. $1 per month each year after.
The year 1 charge covers licensing and alert system. The user is subscribing to the Alert system databases and push notifications after year 1.
We have multiple websites engaged for the marketing that are ready to go. We have been silent in the development until now. (See google, facebook, twitter, etc)
It is estimated that there are over 5 million Lottery players daily. Each buy, on average, 2 tickets. These numbers increase by almost 5 times when the Mega-Millions and/or Powerball lotteries go over 50 and up.
With this amount of potential customers for this app, we project 500,000+ users within the 1st year.
We're running a test round of funding here to add to our Marketing budget for the nationwide Launch.
Please ask any questions.

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