Neon Lily Kitty Live Wallpaper

Neon Lily Kitty Live Wallpaper



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Google Play Description

Hello!.. Neon Lily Kitty is sweet live wallpaper whith lot of colored neon kitty's. Whith Neon Lily Kitty you can wipe away kitty's and other objects whith a simple touch. Also you can play, wipe as many kitty's you can (you can show or hide points in the background)

The key features of Neon Lily Kitty are:

* NUMBER OF KITTY'S - Increase or decrease the amount of kitty's
* SPEED - Select movement of the kitty's
* DIRECTION - Select direction that kitty's should move
* DISABLE KITTY'S - Kitty's are not displayed. Only the background image is visible.
* CHANGE BACKGROUNDS - Choose between 7 colored background themes
* FRAME RATE - Select how fast the wallpaper is drawn. Increase for smoother animations or decrease for improved battery life
* DISABLE INTERACTION - Touching moving kitty's has no effect
* SHOW HIT COUNTER - Display a hit counter in the background. Challenge your friends,wipe as many kitty's you can

This live wallpaper works almost whith all android phones and tablets