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Henry Bai Henry Bai -- Lead Engineer, Engineer appbackr
Trevor Cornwell Trevor Cornwell @trevorcornwell Founder, CEO, Investor, Board Member appbackr
Thomas D'haen Thomas D'haen @thomasdhaen Lead Developer appbackr
Taylor Robinson Taylor Robinson @_t_rob Product Manager, Manager, Data Process and Strategy appbackr
Youngseon Lee Youngseon Lee -- Graphic Designer appbackr
Pasha Puzikov Pasha Puzikov -- Senior Front-End Engineer
Patrick Casao Patrick Casao @thecomicfiend Engineer appbackr
Christina Mace-Turner Christina Mace-Turner -- Advisor
Greg Yardley Greg Yardley @gyardley Advisor
Nikhil Raj Nikhil Raj -- Advisor
Don Hutchison Don Hutchison @dphutch Advisor, Board Member, Investor appbackr
Tina Sharkey Tina Sharkey -- Advisor
Philipp Berner Philipp Berner @philippberner Investor, Engineering Lead appbackr
Jyri Engestrom Jyri Engestrom @jyri Investor, Advisor
Nathan Beckord Nathan Beckord @startupventures Investor, Advisor
Chris Gill Chris Gill @launchsv Investor
Robert Brooker Robert Brooker -- Investor
Donald Braun Donald Braun -- Investor
Richard Gregory Richard Gregory @groogan Advisor
Nick Houseman Nick Houseman -- Board Member, Investor appbackr
Ellen Salisbury Ellen Salisbury @esalisbury Investor
Aleksey Masny Aleksey Masny -- Front-End Developer
Johanna Casao Johanna Casao -- Director of Community Management appbackr
Waqas Moazzam Waqas Moazzam @WaqasMoazzam Android Engineer MomoCentral
Arooma Sultan Arooma Sultan -- Graphic Designer MomoCentral
jorge medonza jorge medonza -- Operational Engineer appbackr

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Google Play Description

When you are discovering new places or commuting the same route you do every day, Surf suggests relevant Moments to you by your location, time of day, and which apps you use. Surf Moments anticipate when you will want an app next and “surfaces” it to you - displays it on your home screen with a small alert. Surf gets smarter every day for you.

With Surf, you can discover new apps through curated boards - collections of apps around locations and interests.

As of June 2016, Surf has
⋆ 240,810 curated Moments for you to find great apps
⋆ 1.8MM searchable Google Play app
⋆ 1500 user-generated boards
⋆ 6000 indexed editorial reviews

Get useful apps for where you are - restaurants, museums, trains, coffee, music, news, schools, and events powered by thousands of user recommendations and the App Index analytics.

Surf is currently in Beta. We want to give you the best app possible, so give feedback in the app, under “Beta Feedback”.