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SPT Bow Sight, by Summit Peak Technologies

Once calibrated, arrow will hit at sight pin regardless of downhill/uphill shot, bow tilt, or wind conditions

- Set up bow sights for any number of bow/arrow combinations

- Multi-point sight
- May be used with our without peep sight
- Align pin on target using phone video with one eye
- Look past phone at target with other eye, align images from both eyes

- Built-in range finder (may be disabled for indoor lane shooting)
- Set target height, or select game size (deer, elk, turkey)
- Hands free: To find range, aim pin at bottom of target when lower button is on, then move same pin to top of target when upper button turns on.

- Video zoom (0.5x - 5x)

- Night vision (up to 3x light enhancement in shades of green, does not work in pitch dark)

- Customized pin colors, sizes, ranges, text labels, and number of pins
- Initialize standard 5-pin set with single button press
- Move pins as a group, or one by one, by touch
- Adjust video offset for multi-point sight calibration
- Set pin rotation center using built-in display grid and inclinometer
- Sight in 20 yd pin at 0 degree inclination (no tilt)
- Tilt bow 10 degrees and sight in another pin at 20 yds
- Tilt bow 20 degrees and sight in another pin at 20 yds
- Move C (center of rotation) until all 3 circles of the display grid align for these 3 pins

- Set wind speed and direction with touch
- Wind direction automatically corrected as bow sight is rotated using compass
- Set bow tilt angle (cant) for 20 mph (30 kph) cross-wind
- Typically 2 degrees, but depends on arrow speed, weight, diameter, and fletch size
- Pins automatically adjusted to account for wind

- English and metric units

- Attach phone to bow (bracket not included)
- Attach phone in vertical position (portrait) for multi-point sight

To build bracket for mounting phone to bow: Bend two metal strips at right angles using a vice (heating metal not necessary). Tape industrial velcro on the inside bend. Tape velcro to back of phone and attach to bracket in the same position as a traditional bow sight. Drill holes in bracket to attach to bow (use a 3/16" titanium drill bit for hole, and a 5/16" bit to bevel the hole). I used #10-24x1" flat head phillips zinc bolts to accommodate my quiver bracket. Counter-sink hole before drilling, put some 3-in-one oil on metal strip, then drill very slowly to keep drill bit cool. File off sharp edges, paint with acrylics, and finish with rust-oleum protective enamel. Views of bracket are included in screen shot list

- Check local hunting regulations before hunting with electronics attached to bow