GGXX Live wallpaper

GGXX Live wallpaper



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Google Play Description

Add up to 15 Stages (15 Live wallpapers)

Improve loading speed
Improve memory management
Memory consumption
New Stages


Update with OpenGl and now it is a lot faster and less CPU Usage.

Just a live wallpaper from Guilty Gear XX Game.

It has parallax scrolling and animation just like in the game.
I tested on my Galaxy S2, on my friend Galaxy Nexus, and his Nexus 7.
So it should be fine :)

Tested with resolutions
800 x 480
1280 x 720
1280 x 800

Video landscape:

I used the sprite from Mugen Stage.

Please review if you like it :) even if you don't like

Oh, the art work is copyright to Arc System Works.