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Vortex Live Wallpaper



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Google Play Description

You like Stargate SG1 and Farscape, so you will love this Wallpaper!

The current features are:
- Different colors
- Special color that varies with your battery state (Select color "Varies with battery" in settings)
- Refresh rate is configurable (High refresh rate gives smoother motion but consumes more battery)

New features will be added soon.

Once Vortex Wallpaper is installed on your device, you must complete the following steps to activate it:
- Go to your home screen.
- Press the "menu" button on your device.
- Select "Wallpaper".
- Select "Live Wallpapers".
- Search and select "Vortex Wallpaper".
- Select "Settings" to see the settings or select "Set wallpaper" to activate it.