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Google Play Description

The Mobility Client extends your enterprise desk phone features and UC capabilities to your Android device, integrating into your PBX and enabling VoIP, Cellular, and video calling. It cuts mobile expenses and makes mobile workers more productive, efficient, and connected.

Supported Features

• Access your deskphone PBX features from your Android (Enterprise Voicemail, Transfer, Conference, Swap, Extension Dialing, Hold)
• Make and receive enterprise VoIP calls over your office WLAN or cellular data networks
• Make and receive video calls over WiFi and 4G/LTE
• Securely make and receive enterprise VoIP calls over your home/hotel/hotspot WLAN network with its automatic SSL-based Secure Remote Voice tunneling of calls when on a public WLAN network
• Maintain active calls when you walk away from a WLAN coverage area with its automatic handover of calls from WLAN to the GSM voice network
• Automatically route international calls through your office PBX to reduce long distance charges
• Perform directory lookups of your co-workers when you don‘t remember their phone number
• Access your Android contacts for placing calls
• Integrate with ShoreTel Communicator to control your mobile device through your PC or Mac desktop
• Send instant messages and view presence status of co-workers with the Microsoft Lync/OCS integration or ShoreTel IM integration
• Access visual voice mail (ShoreTel UC systems)
• Integrated "Today" calendar integration enables users to join ShoreTel, WebEx, and GoToMeeting conference calls with a single click


• Reduce mobile voice charges when roaming by placing and receiving calls on the WLAN network instead of the cellular voice network
• Cut roaming charges by placing VoIP calls over the cellular data network (cellular data usage fees will be incurred)
• Extend wireless coverage for calling to areas that do not have sufficient cellular coverage by leveraging existing WLAN networks
• Advanced PBX features including Music On Hold (MOH), Conference and Transfer are made available on your iPhone for WLAN and VoIP over Cellular Data calls
• Enterprise video connects ShoreTel Mobility clients with each other, with ShoreTel Communicator for Windows users, and with a selection of conference room video systems


• This application requires connectivity to a ShoreTel Mobility Router and will not operate without this component. Please contact your business‘ IT department if you are unsure if your company has deployed the ShoreTel Mobility solution.

• This application is intended only for enterprise calling. As such, emergency calls (e.g. 911) will be routed over the cellular radio when available and not over the WiFi radio.

• Your ShoreTel Mobility Router may need to be upgraded to support video calling, and your ShoreTel PBX may need to be upgraded to support Communicator integration. Please contact your business’ IT department if you are unsure.

• Existing Mobility client users upgrading to new client application and planning to use the video calling feature would have to contact their IT department for enabling video on their accounts

By downloading and using this application you hereby agree to the terms in the accompanying End User License Agreement (EULA).

What’s new in Mobility Version 9?

• Integration with the latest version of the ShoreTel Mobility Router
• Bug fixing and improved crash logging.
• UI tweaks/ optimization to improve user experience.

Supported Devices

• Google Nexus 5
• Google Nexus 7
• HTC One
• HTC One-X
• HTC One-X+
• Motorola Moto X
• Samsung Galaxy S3
• Samsung Galaxy S4
• Samsung Galaxy S5
• Samsung Galaxy Note 2
• Samsung Galaxy Note 3
• Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro