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Treasure Island



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Google Play Description

Real live treasure map on the home screen of your smartphone. Two teams of pirates violently looking for untold treasures, hidden long time ago by old pirate captain. But find it only one team, one that would be nimble . Each new treasure map is not the same as another , since the position of the objects chosen randomly. We hope you enjoy our new app.
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Live wallpaper Treasure Map has unique visual style. Carefully selected colors and beautiful design graphics in this app give a sense of the old paper map with the lost treasures.
The application is able to pick up the custom visual style. You can choose from several paper options ( background ) . Also available various options of map objects colors. For ease of configuration , some variants of color schemes are combined into themes. When choosing a theme , all settings are changed automatically. You can adjust crew behavior by disabling extra events on the map.
You can enable map interactivity to change treasures location.
Label of each crew can be adjusted manually . It is also possible to disable objects animation.
The process of map drawing can be complex or simple.

Theme. Selecting one of the preset themes.
Background . Choosing paper - backing card.
The color of objects .
Drawing method. Drawing or translucency .
Pirates crews
The movement speed of pirates crews.
Selection of crews labels.
Additional events on the map when searching for treasures.
Duration of the scene in minutes .
Enable or disable the map objects animation .
Animated remove traces of the teams.
Objects transparency.
Touch enable checkbox.

Application available only in the paid version with full functionality and no ads . Enjoy!
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