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Google Play Description

Sms and Call tracker Online is the best invisible monitoring and tracking app for your Android Device . Remotely monitor all text messages and call logs with location.

If you are a parent and wishes to monitor the movement and communication of your child, SMS and Call Tracker Online allows you to do it via a secure app.

Sms and Call Tracker Online is an app you install on your child mobile device. This app remains hidden so no icon will be displayed, but the app closely monitors all the calls and messages with their location.

in cases of no internet connection, this app is smart enough to save all the logs and upload to your account whenever internet is connected.

You can login to our user secured website and monitor all the records of the targeted device remotely.


1) SMS Tracking

Read all incoming and outgoing text messages with time and date, phone number, contact name and location of the target phone. Complete Text message monitoring.

2) Call Tracking

Read all incoming, outgoing and missed call with time and date, phone number, duration, contact name and location of the target phone. Complete Call monitoring.

3) Invisible Icon

This app remain invisible. So don’t worry, your child can not see this app in his/her cell phone.

4) Remote Tracking

Remotely monitor and track all the communications of the targeted phone by logging into our user secured website.

Whenever you want to know where your child is or his location, just send him/her a text message or give a call, location will be tracked as app tracks location whenever text message is sent or received and/or whenever any call is made or receive. So you can check location of your children by logging in your account.

All you need to do is just install the app in targeted device and register it with your Email. After registration you don't need to do anything. You can check all the logs of the targeted device by logging in to our website.

Thus keep your children safe at all time.