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What is Gamedog?

Back in the 90s, if your parents could not afford to buy you a leading hand held game system they would go to the market and buy a bootleg version.

Let’s take a closer look at the five launch titles, shall we folks?

* AeroDruHit - In this deadly shoot-em-up, you can blast out ALL of your space enemies

* DarbikSnake - The reptile has grown, and so has the playing field. Eat, eat, EAT!!!

* Believer’s Beliefs - This RPG will take you up and down the land in search of treasure. Beware Dhyaper’s guards.

* Norbert’s Orbs - Race against the clock to put the orbs into their rightful place.

* Speedophiles - The wheeled ones roam the streets below babylon. The cuckulards own the skies. Find out more in this platform game that WILL test your reflexes.

* Hockey Lords

* Devil's Road

* New Free Holder

So what are you waiting for? Get ahead of the competition and download it NOW!