Type Sea Monsters Away

Type Sea Monsters Away



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Google Play Description

** Type sea monsters away **

It is addictive android typing game. It uses system keyboard. So You can learn to type with Your own android keyboard and not some half baked imitation.

** Gameplay **

- Type top word to move up
- Type bottom word to move down
- Type middle word to shoot

** Features **

- Vertical and Horizontal modes
- Best scores (each modes has it's own record)
- Not traditional gameplay (even for typing game)
- Support for software and hardware keyboards
- Correct typing of each letter adds 1 point
- Destroying monster adds 10 points
- Each additional monsters destroyed by the same bullet adds +5 point bonus
- Typing error removes 5 points

** Source code **


** Possible Issues **

- There are tons of different keyboards for android. It is impossible to test them all. If Your keyboard does not work, please write which one. Do not fear to contact me directly (petraszd@gmail.com).
- There can be some trouble with hardware keyboards. Especially if You will try to attach/remove them during the game.
- No testing with tablets (Except emulator). So there is possibility of bugs over there. If You find one, please write about it. You can event drop an email directly for me (petraszd@gmail.com) if You do not want to rate this game.

** Others **

Music is created by Floating Isle (Oszillatorenquintett) from http://www.jamendo.com

Special thanks to Andrius Nikūlinas for work with sound FX.