Sky Overlord Assault

Sky Overlord Assault



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Google Play Description

Sky Overlord Assault is a classic aircraft barrage game, Simple operation, Gameplay colorful, Win the current level, you can unlock new levels. Each level has a different fighter and boss, can also be a direct challenge to the endless mode, and see how much you can beat fighters. The game offers eight kinds of difficulty settings, also has 48 levels, to make the game more challenging and stimulating.
Game Features:
Level Task Mode and Challenge Mode scores, players are free to choose, Each level has a different fighter, Fighters can be rewarded by eating props and bombing enemy, In the game aircraft variants increase in aircraft firepower.
Each aircraft has to upgrade the system, Can earn points by completing tasks to upgrade, May also pay to upgrade. The upgraded fighter combat index will reach the best help players successfully complete the task and get good results leaderboards.