LCARS inspired clock Sony SW2

LCARS inspired clock Sony SW2



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Google Play Description

*** IMPORTANT! FIRMWARE BUG FIXED! *** If you use the Smartwatch 2 app, and the watch firmware of Dec 17th, 2014, that broke down custom watch faces, please update to the most recent version (1.6.23 14 / Jan 14th, 2015). According to users' feedback it may be necessary to uninstall the watch face / widget, and install it again. ***

Digital watch face for Star Trek fans. Does not do anything special, but looks pretty good: I added some Xmas tree FX ;)

Star Trek and LCARS are registered trademarks of their respective owners. This free, non-commercial application has no association with them, and was made on the fandom request.

The application is a replacement for the regular Smartwatch SW2 watch face. It supports low power mode, however may increase power consumption slightly.

Ideas, suggestions, and error reports please submit at


- Open the SmartWatch 2 app,
- edit watch faces,
- create a new watchface,
- click 'clocks',
- choose the watchface you've just installed,
- enjoy :)

Many thanks to Naheel Azawy @ XDA forum for his excellent tutorial, which helped us all to start creating watchfaces.

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