Fantastic Nature

Fantastic Nature



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Google Play Description

An amazing nature scenery on your home screen. Relax looking at the smooth realistic day time transition based on your true location, rain effect, shimmering clouds, flying birds, rainbow... combined with glorious "Gyro 3D" 3D Parallax effect. Select fantasy or real sky and clouds and one of animated wallpaper elements.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're experiencing any issue with the wallpaper don't hesitate to contact us by email - In 99% of cases we cannot resolve an issue reported as a comment.

Wallpaper features:
- Realistic day time transitions. (Day time is calculated based on your true location using GPS/GLONASS service or can be set manually);
- Earth and fantasy alien sky and cloud types;
- Rain effect;
- Flying birds;
- Rainbow;
- Animated background elements.
- Quality HD artwork;
- Gyro 3D (3D parallax) effect. (REQUIRES GYROSCOPE);

Device features:
- Full support for phones and tablets (portrait and landscape orientation);
- Efficient battery consumption. The wallpaper is rendered only when it is really visible;
- An ability to limit the number of frames per second to prolong battery life;
- Can be moved to the SD card;
- Requires OpenGL ES 2.0.