Deep Space Colony

Deep Space Colony



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Google Play Description

Have you ever dreamed to see distant planets? This live wallpaper brings one of those worlds to the home screen of your device. Observe a human outpost on a far planet, presented in the best sci-fi traditions. Enjoy unusual but beautiful atmospheric effects, a lot of ships scurrying around, working Star Gate, and more... Enable the glorious Gyro 3D effect to add some volume to the picture.
Since the City itself is a spaceship, you can choose where to land it. Three sites are available - Crystal Rocks, Lake Valley, and Riverside.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're experiencing any issue with the wallpaper don't hesitate to contact us by email - In 99% of cases we cannot resolve an issue reported as a comment.

Wallpaper features:
- Smooth and realistic day time transitions;
- Gyro 3D (3D parallax) effect. (REQUIRES GYROSCOPE);
- Quality HD artwork;
- A lot of background elements you can combine.

Device features:
- Full support for phones and tablets (portrait and landscape orientation);
- Efficient battery consumption. The wallpaper is rendered only when it is really visible;
- An ability to limit the number of frames per second to prolong battery life;
- Can be moved to the SD card;
- Requires OpenGL ES 2.0.