SpyCatch - Catch the spy!

SpyCatch - Catch the spy!



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Google Play Description

Download for free and upgrade to Premium with Google's in-app-purchase NOW!!

*** We are getting some bad reviews because some are having problems unistalling SpyCatch. It says how to in the About - Help section: You have to disable it first. Unless it will not uninstall. This is to ensure that an unwelcome intruder cannot uninstall it remove their tracks. ***


Find out who is spying on your phone!

** If you're having problems with this app, we request you send us an e-mail on the
issue, before leaving us a negative rating. The app is countinously being improved and
tested on new devices **

SpyCatch takes a picture, silently, with the front camera on your phone when it is
unlocked and when someone draws the wrong pattern. SpyCatch snaps a date and time
stamped photo of the perpetrator.

Spies, theives, parents, friends, jealous partners and class mates kan no longer use your
phone without you finding out!

* No shutter sound - the perp will not know a picture is being taken
*Password protected, so no one else but you can access spyCatch and view the pictures.
*Picture with timestamp.
*Possible to share the pictures with others.

All this is for free with the latest version of SpyCatch.

Would you like it to do even more?

Then you should upgrade to SpyCatch Premium to get the following:

* Send pictures to your Gmail og a private Facebook album automatically.
* Choose what days and hours you want SpyCatch to operate.
* Choose what events that triggers SpyCatch to take a picture.
* Any new features to be added in the future.
* Remove watermark on pictures
* No ads!

Download SpyCatch for free now, and find out who is snooping through your texts,
pictures, facebook, etc.

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