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Google Play Description

The World's #1 ballistics application from Hawke™ Sport Optics is now available on your Android device for use in the field!

Designed by shooters for shooters

1. Choose your rifle or cross bow,
2. Choose your Hawke reticle,
3. Select your magnification,
4. Point your Android device at the target to calculate inclination.

The reticle is displayed showing aim points and corresponding ranges!

At a glance:

* Choose from 50 presets covering all shooting disciplines
* Modify presets and save your custom set-ups
* Works with all Hawke™ reticles
* Tried, tested and approved
* Configurable Ballistics Tables
* Rangefinder (bracketing) views for all included reticles
* Calculate Ballistic Coefficient
* Save and Load settings and data
* Simple, accurate and fast inclination angle estimation with instant range and POI update.
* Windage deflection marks displayed