64 Games - Super Max Adventure

64 Games - Super Max Adventure



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Google Play Description

Super Max is a super hero of fantastic magic world, just like the oscar star in Hollywood. and this game tells the epic adventure story of Super Max, it combines the classical gameplay of retro games, all of which are super famous, and own ten millions of fans around the world.

This game is easy to control but very addictive too, very details of retro platform games reborn in Super Max Adventure. such as jump to smash enemy, hit brick to release power-up item, Max pick up magic items to become bigger one(burger, baseball and cole), sliding tortoise and so on. The super awesome and UNIQUE features of Super Max Adventure is the hidden Dungeon world. Now, play as Max to explore the magic world, collect as many as coins and magic items, defeat 10+ kinds of enemies, just Jump, Crouch, PowerUp, Fire, you are the real hero...

Now, it's time to Jump,Jump and Jump. Just install the game and enjoy the fun of Jump.

Rich animations and in-game graphics
Moving background music and sound effects
5 different world themes: Forest, Desert, Arctic, Sea and Sky
9 challenging enemies: red snake, giant snail, spear etc
5 magic item: baseball, burger, cole, spike shoes, battle shoes, (more is coming soon)

How to play
1) Tap Left / Right to move
2) Tap Down to enter the dungeon world
3) Jump or throw weapon to attack the enemy
4) Collect coins as more as you can to get the 3 star

What's new

major update: 4 new enemies, 5 new level map, new app icon

bugfix in jump and weapon

improve the graphic performance of world map

major update, better control feeling, NEW WORLD MAP