Titanic GO Launcher EX Theme

Titanic GO Launcher EX Theme



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Google Play Description

Titanic is New Theme for the free ( GO Launcher EX … )

Now For Free !!!


titanic is the most interesting story in the history it contain , love , sad , hate,and the biggest Tragedy in the history , this theme will take your heart
To use this theme (After you install the free (Go Launcher EX) Application) if you don’t have it
Click themes button from the android main menu (default by clicking the menu button on the device )
Then choose your theme.
Then click apply


This Theme need GO Launcher EX to work.
You can download the Go Launcher EX from the Android Market for free.
Do Not open directly after it's installed do the steps up.
Thanks for your support …
For Ideas and support: - rhaa.rami@gmail.com
Do you like the Titanic ??? If yes, this theme is for you …