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Sharks Live Wallpaper



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Google Play Description

Prepare for the shark attack! Download free Sharks Live Wallpaper and watch dangerous sharks swimming in deep blue ocean! See the biggest shark right here on your screen and have your own aquarium with sharks! If you consider, fish, dolphins and other sea animals boring, this tropical wallpaper with the most exotic sea creatures is the right one for you! If you have always thinking about diving with sharks, now is your chance! You can finally feel like you are in cage diving with the great white shark! We offer you many wallpaper backgrounds with many types of sharks, so you can enjoy watching all the shark parts from every angle! All of the shark species at one place - bull sharks, tiger sharks, whale sharks and hammerhead sharks! But that's not all! Megalodon shark, groov shark and mop shark can be your new animated background, too! Be a part of the shark evolution, download 3D sharks wallpaper and enjoy these natural predators!

How to set the live wallpaper:
- Long press on the home screen until the menu labeled “Set wallpaper” comes out, choose the category “live wallpapers” and scroll to Sharks live wallpaper.
- Choose your favorite sharks background image.
- When you download these sharks wallpapers and backgrounds, you will get five wild nature pictures; the rest of them will be unlocked during the next five days.
- If the wallpaper resets after the reboot, please move it to your device storage, instead of the SD card!
- Choose the speed and density of animated objects on your screen!
- Sharks themes are ideal for HD phones and tablets!

Experience the tropical craft with this scary Sharks Live Wallpaper! Dangerous shark in the water on your smartphone will be a perfect decoration! Crystal clear blue ocean water with shark fin will be your new desktop background! You will not need a shark steamer or a shark tank to catch these wild animals, all you have to do is download this scary shark pictures with big shark teeth! Have the wonderful shark bite for your screensaver! This wonderful tropical wallpaper will make you believe that one of the shark facts that sharks eating people is a lie! Have your shark pet on the home screen and enjoy playing shark toys!

Just imagine summer ocean waves and the sharks swimming across! Isn't that wonderful? This scary wallpaper with shark images will give your phone a different look! Take these angry sharks pictures and be a part of the sharks world! This sea world wallpaper will help you with that! Watch sharks swimming in ocean while you relax on some tropical beach! If you enjoy watching shark videos take this Sharks Live Wallpaper! This amazing new shark app offers you wonderful animated backgrounds with amazing pictures of sharks! Hungry shark photos and aggressive shark will jump up from your screen and scare all your friends! Get close to shark eyes and become familiar with your new best friend! Our hungry shark, biting and cracking in angry dashes is a perfect solution for proving your unique style! Be cool, keep a shark in your pocket!