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Google Play Description

Who are Android Parental Controls for?
My Mobile Watchdog is a complete Android Parental Control App for parents who want more than the manufacturer’s limited parental controls for their child's phone.

What do Android Parental Controls do?
You get everything you need to monitor your child’s phone, and see who they are talking to, texting with, block websites, and track your child's gps location.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I see my child's text messages.
A. My Mobile Watchdog includes the ability to see all of your child's text history. This includes being able to see sent text messages and received text messages. Plus, picture messages and recently deleted text messages.

    Q. How can see who has called my child.
    A. The My Mobile Watchdog Android Parental Control App makes it easy to see everyone who has called your child, how many times, and if your child called them.

  • Block new apps before installing

  • Block camera from use if needed
    Watch daily emails as they come in.
    Show websites visited
    Show all texts from everyone and what time they were sent
    Block the use of the phone for certain times
    Show where your child is with their phone on a map
    Creates a report designed by law enforcement so users can use that to call the police or inform a parent or school principal.

Plus, you can use My Mobile Watchdog to keep your child’s phone from becoming a distraction during school, homework, and bedtime. Parental Controls like gps location tracking, app and website blocking, and time blocking make it easy to quickly see your child’s location, stop inappropriate content from being viewed and prevent games and texting friends during homework and bedtime.

Complete Parental Controls for Your Child’s Phone

Bottom line is that parents who use My Mobile Watchdog can relax for a second because they know that they can check up on their kids activity, find out if there is anyone new in their life, keep their phone from becoming a distraction, and protect them from possible threats and from themselves.

My Mobile Watchdog is the #1 Android Parental Control App that has been featured by 50 TV, cable, radio, newspaper, and magazines including: Dr. Phil, Good Morning America, Time Magazine, LA Times, Fox News, CBS News, Newsweek, and over 50 other major media programs.
Top 5 Reasons Every Child’s Phone Should Have Parental Controls

Easy to keep an eye on what is going on in your child’s digital life. Nowadays kids have friends all over the world and you need to know what is going on.

90% of kids 9 to 14 have seen pornography on their phone. Without parental controls it is just to easy to access adult content.

Just knowing that it’s there helps keep kids from doing dumb things on their phone.

Because you want them to get a job one day and not have pictures of them show up during the interview. Kid’s need reputation management more than anybody.

Good luck getting the information you need from them once you suspect there is a problem going. Add it now and make it easy to get the information you need to make sure everything is OK in their life.
For Parents Who Want More Than A Basic Parental Control App

Get all the tools you need to check up on your child's phone use and set the privacy, blocking, monitoring, and tracking settings where you feel comfortable.

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