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Google Play Description

★★★ Comprehensive Collection of Hunting Calls ★★★

No need to spend money on electronic caller or paid app when you can get this app for free you can easily get the attention of birds and animals. We have categorized the Hunting Calls of each bird and animal to improve your user experience and it also helps you to improve your hunting experience. To make your hunt easier, plug your external loud speaker!

• Hunting Calls are loud and have excellent quality.
• Tips and Tactics, We are the ONLY hunting app who offers this feature!!!
• Supports playing through external loud speakers.
• Localization: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Turkish (More languages coming soon!!!)
• Deer Calls: Contact Calls, Doe Grunt, Buck Grunt, Tending Grunt, Buck Bawl and much more.
• Elk Calls: Location Call, Chuckles, Spike Bull, Big Bull, Cow Call, Excited Cow, Bull with Cows and much more.
• Moose Calls: Bull Moose Call, Moose Grunt 1, Bulls Fighting , Cow 13 Come Get Me Big Boy, Young Cow In Heat Locator, Cow In Heat Long Call, Cow Harrassed by Young Bull and much more.
• Whitetail Buck: Buck Grunt, Buck Dominant Grunt, Buck Tending Grunt, Buck Social Grunt, Buck Snort, Bucks Fighting, Buck Rubbing Tree, Bucks Rattling Antlers, Bucks Sparring and much more.
• Whitetail Doe Calls: Doe Bleat, Doe Bleats, Doe Estrus Bleat Heavy, Doe Estrus Bleat Mild
and much more.
• Duck Calls: Basic Quack, Greeting Call, Feed Call, Hail Call, Comeback Call, Lonesome Call and much more.
• Turkey Calls: Cluck, Purr, Cluck & Purr, Putt, Tree Call, Fly Down, Assembly Call, Plain Yelp and much more.
• More Hunting Calls will be coming soon!!!
• Flashlight support.
• Share the Hunting Calls with your friends and family.
• Rate the Hunting Calls within the application, please leave us a 5-star review!

Install the Hunting Calls to your device before you leave for hunt. Please be careful about the hunting laws before going for hunt.

Your questions and comments are important to us. Let us know what you need, and we'll put you in touch with someone who can help.

Best of luck and happy hunting!!!