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Relax and enjoy the dazzling moonshine even when the Sun goes down with the help of our mesmerizing app – Moon Clock Widget! We present you 10 absolutely amazing “analogue clock” backgrounds inspired by the extraordinary beauty of the only natural satellite of the Earth! Combine the Moon images with the matching clock hands and digits and you’ll get a unique “moon clock” for your Android ™ mobile for free! Is there something more fascinating than the scenery of the nightfall sky illuminated by moonlight beams? See the “moon up close”, or wake up to amazing sight of “moon rise” whenever your alarm clock for free goes off. No other “analog clock” compares to this splendid timekeeper – if you want have your own Moon globe HD on the background of your mobile phone, “Moon widget” is the right choice! Silver Moon high quality pictures never get old – download this clock widget and match it with the night sky wallpaper on your screen! Find the ideal moon theme and enjoy in the starry moon night - the bright full Moon will beautify your analogue clock beyond your wildest dreams!

Main features:
✰ Our fantastic free widget gives you a unique opportunity to make your own clock!
✰ Choose from many skins!
✰ Moon and stars clock will not wear your battery out and it will look great on your display!
✰ New clock faces, hands and digits are added daily - collect them all!
✰ This cosmos wallpaper for clocks is compatible with 99% mobile phone devices!
✰ The starlight gadget has an easy and fun interface!
✰ “Moon Clock Widget” looks fantastic on both tablet devices and mobile phones!
Follow the instructions below:
✰ Add the sparkly widget to your home screen.
✰ Go to the menu and press the 'Add' button or, depending on your device, tap empty space and hold your finger until the pop-up menu-window labeled 'Add to home screen' appears. You might need to find the + button, or the option 'Widget' to add it to home screen.
✰ Choose from ten designs, skins, hands and digits.
✰ Long tap and hold the time clock in order to scale, move and resize it.
✰ Set the alarm clock by swiping through the digits on the screen and tap on the 'set alarm' button.

Prepare for the incredible voyage to the Moon and back!With our moon widget, you can enjoy the scenery of all “Moon phases” for free! We offer the clock backgrounds depicting the crescent Moon! Don’t be sad if the dark and cloudy sky doesn't allow you to enjoy the beauty of the twinkling little stars! Our ‘’Moon widget’’ shines bright like a diamond and pushes away the clouds in order to light up the whole Universe! Enjoy in the sight of every single constellation you can see and the shooting star falling down from the mysterious nightfall sky – this “moon watch” has it all! What is amazing about our analog moon phase clock is that it allows the users to be as creative as they like with the choice of clock face, hands and numerals. Download this Android widget, say goodbye to the gloomy and dreary sky and welcome brilliant starry nights! Our ‘’Moon 3D’’ gadget offers you an amazing experience! Give your mobile phone a magical touch and spill some stardust across your screen! With this ‘’Moon and stars app’’, you can admire this magnificent silver ball!
You don’t need a Moon calendar in order to reveal which lunar phase to expect! Bring the starlight into the picture and you’ll create a perfect romantic atmosphere for your date! Get the free download and see that there is nothing more lovely than moonshine and falling stars illuminating the huge sea and white-sand beach while you and your loved one walk hand in hand! Visit all solar planets, the Sun and save the best for last! A huge shiny satellite awaits you!You have a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of extra-terrestrial objects for free! Look at the stars in the sky and make a wish! Start the journey with Moon Clock Widget and let the moonlit magic light up your screen!

* Android ™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
* This app is ad-supported.