Bloody Typing

Bloody Typing



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Google Play Description

This is a typing game: Write enemies names to get rid of them !!
Learning and improving how to type with fun, and type faster for better scores.

MODE STORY: unlock one by one all words categories to unlock next levels.
4 environments are currently infested by evil vampires !
Words categories are:
Graveyard: "Color","Sport","Common"
Misty Forest: "Animal","Stars","Plants"
Ruined Castle: "Body", "Bitter biters", "Phobia"
Mad Lab: "Science","Dino","Extinct species", "Medical"

Each story level ends by a BOSS, that can be only killed by a famous quote!
MODE ARCADE: Scoring challenge to type faster, making big scores on longer words.
TIMED CHALLENGES: Beat your score on a fixed duration, perfect mode for playing in public transports!

To have tested my game myself, I can assure you it will really help you to type faster^^.
It helps memorize the keyboard layout, and on top of that you also learn some vocabulary.

Three difficulty modes assures that casuals could access every corner of the game.
By the way, hard difficulty and scoring let the game "Easy to learn, Hard to master".

3 Virtual keyboard layouts are available right now: QWERTY, DVORAK, AZERTY.
You also had the option to hide the keyboard, for a very challenging blind game !

I hope you'll enjoy it, and always be free to comment !