Anonymous Chat Rooms for Teenagers and Strangers

Anonymous Chat Rooms for Teenagers and Strangers



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Google Play Description

Join cool chat rooms. Share your confessions anonymously in self-destructing text messages. Chat with strangers and meet new interesting people from all over the world.

Find your secret identity. Reveal yourself. Don't hide your thoughts and confessions behind fake social masks. With the help of this anonymous chat room app you can:
- make friends online from all over the world, no matter which is their race, religion or gender
- find new friends based on your common interests
- stay anonymous and secure thanks to our 500+ automatic filters which predict and block bullying, trolling and annoying behavior
- talk to real people instead of bots
- chat with strangers of your age in a safe environment
- play role play games like truth or dare
- learn how to communicate, flirt and joke with interesting people
- study and practice English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Ukranian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese and many other languages by selecting them in your Profile Settings and matching with native speakers in thousands of group chats
- meet locals nearby or foreigners globally
- share funny memes and lifestyle photos anonymously
- record a 10-second cam video and send it to your contacts as a private message
- buy anything in the app for free - just earn some karma first by chatting