Village PREMIUM Live Wallpaper

Village PREMIUM Live Wallpaper



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Google Play Description

One of the best nature and realistic live wallpaper of the Market, now with real weather!, You can not stop watching this little city.

First of all, choose your paid version: Village or Village PREMIUM

Village Live Wallpaper
• Day&Night Sync: Real (Location must be set manually,
otherwise default hours will be used).
• Weather Sync: None
This app requires NO SPECIAL PERMISSIONS to run

Village PREMIUM Live Wallpaper
• Day&Night Sync: Real
• Weather Sync: Real (provider of service "World Weather Online")
This app requires FINE & COARSE location and INTERNET

Important! You must upgrade to version 3.5 before August 2013. Versions prior to 3.5 will not work thereafter. The reason is a change in the API of World Weather Online.

Feel the changing weather with sun, clouds, wind, and rain. You can synchronize it with real weather conditions! Don’t care about time; the strokes of the clock tower will announce it (if Live Wallpaper is visible).
Modern days trains cross the mountains, see them slowing down before entering the tunnel.
Depending on the weather, people may be in the streets and a vendor may sell its balloons, mills and trees may move, birds may fly around, and animals could be at the fields.

Touch the balloons!! See how some are released and blow free, and "Double Tap" in free balloons: pop!

When night falls down many little lights illuminate the little town: windows from houses, indicators of mills, trains lights, streetlights and... the moon and stars can be seen if no clouds are in sky.

It automatically synchronizes at time of daytime and night.

Query the time on the clock tower!

Dynamic elements:
★ The weather (sunny, wind, rain, snow)
★ Flock of birds
★ Cows on the mountain
★ Windmills (an old-fashioned aging one and new energy towers)
★ Trains
★ People on the street and in windows
★ The seller of balloons and the balloons
★ The clock at the tower
★ Smoke from the chimney of a house
★ Trees (if windy)

Configurable elements:
※ Mode daytime and night (Automatic/always daytime/Always night)
※ Weather Mode (sync. real weather conditions/random/sunny/rainy/snowy)
※ Level of darkness of night mode
※ Number of birds
※ Birds speed
※ Trains speed
※ Weather (sunny, rainy or variable)
※ Clock sound
※ Adjust Landscape mode

Compatible with HD devices (like Samsung Galaxy S5, Nexus 5) and the latest versions of Android like 4.4.2

FINE & COARSE (NETWORK-BASED) LOCATION is used to determine "daytime and night" and "real weather sync. mode". This app only uses last known location, never powers on the GPS (No battery consum). Instead, if you prefer it, you can introduce your Latitude and Longitude manually in live wallpaper settings.

INTERNET ACCESS only needed to syncronize with real weather conditions (if you don't select sync real weather conditions Internet won't be used).

Setting method:home screen>menu>Wallpaper>Live Wallpaper

By downloading this app, you agree to the EULA at

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