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Realtime Daily event ranking!!

The world's first!? Multiplayer able tap and idling game!!

Let's defeat a fanny huge enemy! Can you fighting to cooperate if you collect a fellow. Let's use a deathblow to remember the skills! Encyclopedia and ranking also ultra-rich. Aim Certification!

Tricks 1 "super sword" to put the sword in the number 10 times to several hundred times the damage of ... normal tap.
Trick 2 "Mona alter ego" ... alter ego to a few tens of seconds automatic high-speed tap attack
Technique 3 "I Yan was to shit" ... critical rate rise several tens of percent
Tricks 4 "accelerator" ... all of fellow rising speed of attack is several hundred percent
Increases number 10 to number 100% skill 5 "Mounting position" ... tap damage
Steal the money by the number 10% from the enemy every trick 6, "Gold Rush" ... tap

Character 350 kinds close appearance! Let's collect the picture book.
Boss appears in every 10 stage.
Even if you do not launch the app, fellow us earns a coin.
If you are running it is earn a coin lot.
Its Special Move is when a certain period of time, also become available.
Sometimes Shobon angel us have carried the treasure box.
When the luck is good, "Plastic" and "angels" and "God" be AA appears! ?

・For the castle of ordeal

From the upper right corner of the castle icon, you can challenge the castle of ordeal!
You can challenge the ranking by capture up to 100 at once a number of stages,
And the non-acquisition character can or to appear!
Levels are four stages. In addition to return to the original number of stages if you lose.

Beginner: +10 stage proceed.
Intermediate: +20 proceed stage.
Senior: +30 proceed stage.
Super senior: +100 proceed stage.

The castle of the ordeal can challenge in stage 61 or later. It is very hard enemy catsle. Let's get many reward coin, stage skip! (Chara is not skip. By some chance chara skip occurred, all chara is appear after.)

Shop is open! Let's get rare item and rare skills!

Let's play rare strong chara's lottery!

Music by (japanese order)
Devil soul like
Yuurabo 8bit sound studio like