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08/18/11 - 09/17/11


LSATMax - TestMax, Inc.

Pre-law college students will have the opportunity to make a 27% profit by pre-buying a wholesale copy of LSATMax on appbackr and receiving its later App Store retail revenues. Additionally, they'll get a free download (worth $599) in early August to prepare for their individual LSAT exam. Instead of spending lots of money for LSAT courses you can do it literally for free with your free app copy and make money at the same time.

LSATMax features:

  • Whiteboard video lessons by Harvard Law School alumni on each and every section and question type that appears on the LSAT
  • June 2007 LSAT with detailed answer explanations for every question
  • Message boards for real-time access to Harvard Law School alumni
  • Prep calendar to guide students through a 2-month program
  • Flashcards, homework assignments and additional practice questions
  • Access to every available officially-licensed LSAT question since June 1991
  • 6 full-length practice LSATs
  • 3-month subscription to The Economist on Zinio iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad app
  • Sketch pad feature for diagramming on-the-go
  • Lifetime access to the app and course materials once you purchase
  • Social feature that allows you to form study groups in your area
  • Great tips and tricks on how to perform on exam day and structure your studying

Here's how it works:
Create an account (it takes only a minute) or log-in with Facebook, and click "Back this App" on this site. Pay with PayPal or a credit card on PayPal's website. You'll own your personal wholesale copy of LSATMax now, and you'll get a code to receive your free individual copy of the app for your iPhone or iPad. When the app sells in iTunes, you'll receive a profit from each sale until you've made $345.

By using the revolutionary technology behind Apple's products, TestMax is able to offer comprehensive exam preparation at a much lower price and to teach students in a much better way.

LSATMax will resolve many of the inefficiencies that currently pervade the LSAT prep market. By eliminating much of the overhead (e.g. renting venues, paying teachers for each location, printing of tangible books, etc.), LSATMax will offer comprehensive LSAT prep for a fraction of the price that leading LSAT prep companies currently charge.

Law expertise + App development = TestMax

In early 2010, several Harvard Law School alumni teamed with top developers to create BarMax, the only comprehensive bar exam prep course available in the App Store.

Introduced at a price point of $999.99 per download, the reaction to this product was truly remarkable, BarMax CA and BarMax NY for iPhone and iPad have separately achieved the rank of top grossing Educational app and have received high praise on publications such as Techcrunch ("The $1,000 iPhone App That Might Actually Be Worth It"), The Washington Post, PCWorld, and Gizmodo. Furthermore, over 10,000 students have downloaded BarMax MPRE, a free app launched simultaneously and designed to prepare law students for the MPRE examination that is required to sit for the bar exam in almost every state.

All three applications were featured by Apple in the "What's Hot" section of the App Store.

The TestMax team clearly demonstrated the ability to drive demand for high-quality, standardized prep courses in the App Store. In the first 6 months, BarMax had sales in excess of $200,000 and this was with only one app for one state (CA). BarMax CA was released in January 2010 while BarMax NY was released in June 2010.

LSATMax, just like BarMax, will be branded with the Harvard Law School name. Ebadolahi and Michael Ghaffary both scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT exam and attended Harvard Law School. LSATMax's Board of Advisors includes top professors and lawyers from around the country, including Charles Nesson, the William F. Weld Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and the founder of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

With LSATMax, future LSAT examinees, all over the world, will finally have access to high-quality LSAT prep at a reasonable price. This is your opportunity to share and support our success.

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