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10/24/11 - 11/23/11


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POPVOX bridges the gap between the input the public wants to provide and the information Members of Congress want and need to receive. In January 2011, the House of Representatives passed a new rule allowing iPads on the House Floor. This development has the potential to change the way legislators view and receive information. POPVOX has partnered with appbackr and i4 Software, creator of multiple hit iOS applications, to bring their unique service to the iPad.

Why Should You Back This App?
The system for viewing and processing legislative data is old and clumsy and Congress is ready for a change. With access to the GovTrack.us legislative API, POPVOX is in a unique position to provide Congress with the information they need in a first-to-market app.

POPVOX.com was designed to help individuals and organizations get their message into Congress. The POPVOX iPad app is an optimal viewer for that information in a dashboard-like display. You should back this app if you believe that our legislators must have the best information possible at their fingertips when it is time for a decision to be made, including the real-time comments of their verified constituents.

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