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06/21/11 - 07/21/11


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Make nap time and bedtime easier and less of a struggle with Mr.MoonLight. Mr. Moonlight teaches children to stay in bed longer in the morning so parents get more sleep. Visual "sun" and "moon" cues teach young children, ages 2 to 5, to distinguish between the cycles of day and night and learn healthy sleep patterns.

Mr. MoonLight displays a glowing moon in the evening (or for afternoon nap) and quietly changes to a sun, (at a time parents specify), to confirm that nighttime or nap time is over and it is okay to wake up. If your child wakes up too early, use this app to teach them to rest quietly until "the sun comes up" at the time that you set.

• Child-recognizable "sun" and "moon" visual cues
• Timer mode for afternoon napping
• Clock mode for night time sleeping
• Optional gradual-wake lullaby music
• Optional good night lullaby music
• (NEW FEATURE NOT SHOWN IN VIDEO) One click Facebook "like" button.

What Will The Money Be Used For?
The App Backer Funding will be used to promote and advertise though numerous parenting networks and parenting magazines. We will also be approaching the show Supernanny on ABC to see if Mr. Moonlight can be featured in an episode.

Why Should You Back This App?
You should back Mr. Moonlight to help the millions of parents who are desperately seeking any helpful device for bedtime. Parents are also sharing parenting tips with one another and the news of Mr. Moonlight can spread very quickly with the built in sharing buttons integrated right into the interface of Mr. moonlight.

Thanks for checking out Mr. Moonlight. Sleep tight!

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