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iTajPlus is a travel guide to Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal in India. It is the perfect companion for a traveller to Agra - informative, reliable, enthralling and very affordable. The features of the app are as follows:

Works Offline
Once the user downloads the app, all the content of the app remains on the user's phone. No data connectivity is needed to run the app. That means no expensive data roaming charges!

Self-guided Audio Tours of monuments
Contrary to the guides who have little knowledge of the monuments and tell fancy stories that have no basis in history, the 3 self guided audio tours in the app for - The Taj Mahal, Sikandra and Itmad-Ud-Daulah are well researched. They combine a unique mix of history, legend and architectural facts to bring these grand monuments to life. The user can read if they prefer that to listening to a narrative.

GPS based maps
Users can find their way around the city of Agra using the offline maps in the app. They can locate all the sights, restaurants and shops on the map vis-a-vis their current location and can navigate the city on their own which otherwise is extremely difficult because of poor sign-posting.

Sights, Restaurants and Shops
All the major sights worth visiting are listed with a rank, review, photos and practical information like opening times, ticket prices, website address, prohibited articles etc. The app uses GPS to display the distance of sights from their current location, helping them locate the ones closest to them. They can also plot them on a map to figure out how to reach there.

They can do all this for restaurants and shops too.

1 Day & 2 Day tour plans
The app comes with 3 day plans and 3 two day plans to help travellers plan their trip to Agra. The plans mention the sights to cover, the start time and end time and the approximate budget. The user can also delve into a detailed and interactive hour-by-hour plan which can be exported to their iPhone calendar with alerts.

Practical Tips
The app includes all the practical tips about Agra – Its History, How to get to Agra? , How to get around in Agra? , Shopping tips, Dos and Don’ts, Forex Counters and Tourist Offices. The Forex Counters and Tourist Offices can also be plotted on the map to help locate them.

Social Sharing
The user can share a sight, restaurant or shop with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. Should they not want to incur data charges on the move, they can save them as favourites and share when they are on Wi-Fi.

Battery Life
GPS, a.k.a. location services are battery intensive and battery drain can be frustrating for travellers on the move. The app allows the user to manage the battery life of their phones by choosing the appropriate setting from the “Settings” screen of the app.

Yes, it is a paid app. But it costs a fraction of what travellers pay a guide and what’s more it will provide credible and reliable information based on thorough research.

Why Should You Back This App?

iTajPlus solves a problem for all travellers to Agra that of getting reliable, up to date information on the go to stay in control and not getting taken for a ride by the guides. On top of that it enhances the travellers experience by bringing the monuments to life for them. There are apps which provide audio tours in the app store but there is no app which is a complete guide with sights, audio tours, restaurants, shops, plans, and practical tips.

Following set of statistics provide an insight into the market for iTajPlus:

1. Estimated number of foreign tourists who visited Taj Mahal in 2010 - 621,183. A 26% increase over 2009. The overall FTA to India have increased in 2011 and are expected to increase further in 2012. It is reasonable to assume that FTA to Agra will also increase consequently.

(source: Ministry of Tourism publication India Tourism Statistics 2010. Link:

2. About 450k (73%) of the total foreign visitors to Agra(Taj) carry a smartphone.

(source: Based on surveys conducted by GYT)

3. Of the 450k, 272k are speak or understand English.

(source: Surveys conducted by GYT)

4. Of the 272k, the split between iPhone and Android is almost 50/50, i.e. 136k of each type.

(source: Surveys conducted by GYT)

5. About 181k are non-English speaking but smartphone carrying visitors. They come from places like Japan, Korea, China, France and Eastern Europe.

(source: Surveys conducted by GYT)

6. Almost neglegible number of people actually use any of the existing apps in the market.

(source: Surveys conducted by GYT)

7. A study of the iphone apps already on the itunes store reveals that they are all textual information based apps with little or no interactive features.

The sales forecast for iTajPlus (english) on iPhone are as follows:

1. Year 1: 40k
2. Year 2: 73k
3. Year 3: 113k

Tapping into the non-english speaking market can increase these numbers further.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The money will be used for promoting the app ahead of the busy season starting in November this year and making improvements based on the feedback received.

The promotional activities will include:

- Getting the app reviewed at app review websites and blogs.
- Contacting the press with a formal press release.
- SEO of the app page on iTunes and the website.
- Posting on App review forums
- Alerting Apple Media Community
- Running advertising campaigns on the Delhi's international airport (Delhi is the closest international airport to Agra).
- Promotional material to share with all the leading hotels in Delhi.
- Running advertising campaigns on the main highway connecting Delhi and Agra.

App Improvements will include:

- Making the offline maps more user friendly.
- Automatic GPS control for better battery life management

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