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Have you ever thought of creating your own mobile app?

Now there's an app for you. iGenApps is a revolutionary way of creating and generating mobile apps.

iGenApps allows you to make your own mobile app without programming and straight from your device within minutes!

Winner of the CTIA 2011 B!G Idea Contest and CTIA 2011 Enterprise & Applications, iOS Mobile Platform Challenge.

It is simply the easiest, fastest, most affordable way to create your own mobile web Apps. All you need is your creativity, and iGenApps will take care of the programming for you. Wether you already have an idea to build an app or want to be a part of the mobile phenomena, your App is just a few minutes away.

iGenApps will allow you to create content driven applications by using:

- Lists
- Menus
- Themes
- Feeds
- Images
- Maps
- Videos
- Links to external actions
- Among many other screens and features

Be a part of the iGeneration Today!

Why Should You Back This App?

We are currently in over 96 countries. We had 950 downloads the first 2 days we launched the app at $1.99. With our exclusive patent pending method, any non-programmer is able to create their own mobile apps in just minutes straight from their mobile device. Now you don't need to own a PC/mac, pay a monthly internet connection , download software and learn how to program in order to have your own app. This is the future of app development; easy, portable and affordable.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The money will be used for implementing In-App purchases to the current app so that users can then pay for certain screens, features and options. It will also be used for new screens additions, templates by industry and additional features and options like importing images for background of the app, selection of different icons, among other features.

Welcome to appbackr, a crowdfunding marketplace for mobile apps!

appbackr is the first crowdfunding marketplace for mobile apps. Developers connect with 'backrs' to help fund, market, and distribute their apps.

Backrs make a profit as the app sells in retail app stores. appbackr allows anyone to take part in the new app economy...and make some $$$.

Some apps are finished and some are still being developed. Backing an app early gives you the opportunity to make a higher return.

Creating an app is hard work. Developers work tirelessly to build, perfect, and promote their apps in a very competitive market. appbackr gives them a place to find like-minded people to help support them in their journey.

We're glad you're here...welcome to appbackr!

Got it?...Thanks!