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Face Compare with Friends

by BGB Island Apps

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11/20/12 - 12/20/12


  • Apple Free with In-App Purchase
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Who do I look like? Who is my celebrity twin? Which of my friends looks most like Taylor Swift? Which of my siblings look most like Mom?

Face Compare with Friends provides answers to these fun questions and more via an intuitive interface with extremely accurate facial measuring tools.

Not only does Face Compare with Friends allow you to see what famous celebrity you look like, users can compare with friends and family.

Finally an app that can compare faces within your network!

Check out these cool features within the app:

- Invite friends and family to compare faces via Facebook
- Discover which friend or family members look most like you
- Create challenges: "Do you think you look like Brad Pitt?" You can create any challenge and invite your friends
- Build your own library
- Take pictures of friends and family to find your twin!
- Global challenge - participate in Face Compare with Friends global challenges to see who has the closest match
- Compare to all or 1 to 1 - You have full control!

The app is monetized through in-app purchases including:

$.99 Celebrity Library
$.99 Supermodels Library
$.99 Challenge Friends

Why Should You Back This App?

Face Compare with Friends is a more advanced version of our existing app "Face Compare". "Face Compare" has generated over 40,000 downloads in 2 months and had an ROI of 26 days.

In Face Compare with Friends - we will:

- replace manual face measuring with face scanning,
- add both developer and user created challenges,
- compare faces with friends to see which friends you look most alike,
- add all new graphics and a modern icon, and
- incorporate the latest in social sharing including inviting friends via Facebook and email and posting results to Facebook

Marketing will include:

- advertise to our over 50k (and growing) iPhone App install base,
- App Store Optimization (ASO),
- app review site submissions,
- app catalog submissions,
- press release,
- website,
- Facebook page,
- YouTube Video, and
- developer posts to our network via Facebook and Twitter.

We hope Backrs will share with their networks as well!

Based on our experience with our current apps in the store, we anticipate 1,000 downloads/day at launch with roughly 10% engaged (inviting friends and purchasing in-apps). Complete unknowns include how many friends an active user will invite and how many will accept - but we have a keen focus on a viral coefficient equal to or greater than 1.0.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

Integration of 3rd party software for accurate facial scanning

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