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by Rashied Tyre

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Social Networking
08/15/11 - 09/14/11


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CoCo is a mobile app that gives you ratings on movies, television shows, music, and videogames - straight from your own social circle ("collective"). Simply follow your friends and their ratings are factored into a score that you can use to make those decisions on how to spend your hard-earned money. CoCo isn't a replacement for your favorite social network; it's a new way to tap into the opinions that matter to you most.

Hated that summer blockbuster? Just bought an album that changed your life? CoCo lets you rate it for your collective along with the option to include a short comment! You can even compare the ratings from the entire CoCo collective to those generated by your own.

The Internet is a great place that we all spend a good deal of time visiting, but as our social networks and contact lists grow, we're becoming inundated with more and more unedited - and often unsolicited - comments and opinions. Our goal is to gather all the opinions of friends and family (the people who matter to us) and boil them down to a simple rating and an optional comment. We believe that CoCo can be a lot of fun for users as well as a real way to simplify the process of finding out what others think about the things you're most interested in.

Your backing gives us the opportunity to work with professional coders much sooner than we would be able to on our own, thus shortening our development time. We can begin all the proper graphical and coding work while setting a realistic timetable for beta testing and release. These things allow us to position CoCo for further funding from other sources as well (private investors, VC). If we don't reach our entire campaign goal, no problem. Everything we raise here is to assist us on the project's progress, so it's not an "either/or" type of situation. However, your support can save us a LOT of blood, sweat, and tears!

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